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Childbirth Education

About Our Classes:  Our Lamaze childbirth education courses are evidence based, informational and fun!  However, these classes are so much more than breathing techniques!  The following are some of the topics covered:


  • Body/Hormonal changes in pregnancy and labor

  • How to identify labor has begun & its stages

  • Discuss benefits/risks of medications and routine procedures

  • Practice hands-on techniques for coping with contractions

  • Importance of continuous labor support

  • Partner tools and tips for supporting Mama during labor

  • Positions for labor and delivery

  • Know what to expect when having a hospital, birth center or home birth

  • Discuss state laws on newborn procedures 

  • Breastfeeding basics, newborn normalities, warning signs and more

  • Postpartum life

  • Birth Plan/Preferences development


Class Format:  We offer a  series of three night classes (6:45pm - 9pm) and a two-day weekend series (9:15am - 1pm).  In addition, all classes are limited to a total of five couples at maximum.  Check out our class dates below or request dates that work best for you and your partner.


Class Rates: $180 per couple (we highly encourage you to bring a partner!).  Save when you use our doula service, as well!  NEW! We now offer a referral discount.  For every friend you refer, you both get a $15 discount on your classes!


Private Classes:  Prefer a private, one-on-one class at your home?  Or do you have a group of friends that would all like to take class together?  Private classes are available for an additional $50 per couple.  This fee may be waived depending on group size.


Early Expectations:  If you are a newly pregnant Mama-to-be, we encourage you to add on our Early Expectations package for $90.  This is a unique series that complements the traditional Lamaze inspired childbirth class, with a focus on early pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, choosing your caregiver and the best evidence based resources.  This series meets four times prior to your third trimester for up to 45 minutes per class.


Lamaze Pregnancy & Childbirth Classes

3 Tuesday Classes
Childbirth Class -  Tuesdays


Classes are in Warwick on 3 consecutive Tuesdays from



TBD.  Please email if interested in a week night class series.


Saturday & Sunday Classes
Childbirth Class -Saturday & Sunday


Classes are in Warwick on Saturday & Sunday from



September 16 & 17


November 4  & 5

Birth, Babies & Beer

Wondering how to support Mama while she is in labor?  This is the class for you.  What to expect, when to go hospital, how to help her with labor pain and basic newborn care.



December 14

Location TBD
$35 includes a flight of beer & class

Birth of a Sibling

Pregnancy & Birth Class for Mom while the Big Sibling bonds with your partner at a special class.

More info coming soon.

$65 for mom, partner & 1 child

+ $5 for each additional child ages 20 months - 4 years.



Other Resources

Music Time 

(2 years +)


Our music therapist, Jackie Sinclair, helps bring music, movement and expression into your toddler's life!  Make a play group or schedule one-on-one fun!

Infant Swim Rescue



Infant Swimming Resource’s Self-Rescue® swimming program is scheduled 5 days per week, Monday through Friday, for 10 minutes each day for an average of 6 weeks.With a focus on safe, customized, one-on-one lessons by certified Instructors, ISR’s survival swimming lessons emphasize health, ongoing program evaluations and parent education to deliver the most effective and safest results in the industry..

Infant Massage
(Single Session)


Samantha Scalpone, a Certified Infant Massage Teacher, provides parents and caregivers with techniques to provide a nurturing touch that helps promote their babies’ healthy growth and development in this one hour class.   Learn a basic massage routine which can help improve infant sleep, decrease stress, and foster deeper bonding. You will leave the session with an understanding of the benefits of infant massage and your baby’s engagement cues.  Open to parents and caregivers of infants age 3 through 12 months or non-walkers. Bring your baby to class; if your infant is sick when class is 

scheduled, please come learn the techniques using a baby doll. 

Infant Massage
(4-Week Session)


During four one-hour classes, you will practice infant massage techniques for the face, arms, legs, chest, and back in greater depth. In addition, you will learn to use these techniques to help relieve colic, gas, nasal congestion, and teething.  Open discussion topics will include fostering engagement, benefits of infant massage, use of oils, and more. This class is open to parents and caregivers of infants age 3 through 12 months or non-walkers. Taught by Certified Infant Massage Teacher, Samantha Scalpone, in Warwick, NY and Northern New Jersey.

Questions? Contact us.

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