Client Reviews

"Krista was an amazing support throughout my pregnancy and labor. Any questions I had she was very responsive in always giving me information to explore all of my options. She helped educate me and my husband on different waya to help ease labor pains. During labor she made sure any questions I had were answered by my healthcare provider. After delivery she continued to show support and help with any issues I had breastfeeding,I am forever greatful to share our birth experience with her. I honestly don’t  think I could’ve done it without her! "

Kaitlan, Baby born December 2017

"Krista was an amazing support during my pregnancy, labor and delivery. She made sure to educate me on all of my options throughout the pregnancy. She was always available and would respond immediately when I needed her. She provided me with literature to ahow my older daughters to prepare them for the delivery as well. Then, during labor, she was prepared with many different methods to help with the contractions and the pain. Throughout the delivery, she saw that all the medical professionals were aware of my birth plan and stuck to it. She provided emotional support to help my husband and I get through it! She became a part of our family! I was so happy and honored to have her there and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a warm and caring doula to help them through one of the most important moments in their lives."

Josephine, Baby born February 2016

"Our experience with Krista was absolutely amazing. I truly don't know what we would have done without her support. From the very beginning with birth classes she was there to help and educate my husband and I. When the big day finally arrived and our little guy decided to make his appearance she was there every step of the way. From reassurance that labor had actually begun ( for a first time mama ..much needed and appreciated ) to the very end with taking pictures for us that are totally irreplaceable and never would have had without her there. Throughout the laboring process (28-29 hours for me) she was a constant and strong support for both my husband and I. My husband being a little nervous and unsure of what to do seeing me going though everything had a hard time knowing what I maybe needed or what would help me at times. Krista was there to support him as well and guide him in ways that he could support and help me and bring us closer together. He is still so happy and grateful that we had her with us that amazing day. Krista was also able to help keep me focused while I labored , recommending different positions to try, walking, the birthing tub; all while giving continuous and positive verbal support. Without her I don't think our birth experience would have as memorable. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking for an amazing Doula. We can not be more thankful that we had her by our sides."

Jessica, Baby born November 2015

"Krista was the best blessing I could have received during labor (except my daughter of course). I am actually not sure I could have survived it without her. She answered all of my questions I had throughout my pregnancy, gave my husband and I super informative and engaging pre-birth classes and helped me through my entire 31 hour labor! Krista was able to provide me with many types of deep breathing tactics and distractions during labor. She helped me survive long painful contractions by changing positions, utilizing different pieces of equipment (birthing ball, bathtub, foam noodle Etc), using a calm voice and most of all giving me reassurance and a ton of support.


Krista helped make sure that the hospital was aware of my birth plan and made me and my husband aware when they were not following it. She was super knowledgable and able to tell us that we had options, especially since the hospital did not make that clear to us. Krista was wonderful post birth as well! She helped me through the frustration and ups and downs of breast feeding and provided me with lots of encouragement!"

Kathryn, Baby born September 2015

Barbara, Baby born August 2015

"Having the opportunity to work with Krista for the birth of our second child was such a gift. She educated us on many options that we never knew existed when our son was born, and helped us to craft a birth plan that reflected everything we wanted for our baby and ourselves. She was available every step of the way to answer all of our questions. At the delivery, Krista was a source of great strength and comfort, giving me the focus, relaxation, and confidence I needed to cope with the pain naturally. Our family will be forever grateful to her!"

"Choosing Krista as our doula for the birth of our daughter was by far one of the best decisions we have made. I truly believe that the reason we were able to stay with our plan and have a natural birth was her guidance and support throughout every step of labor. We could not have asked for a better person by our side."

Roya, Baby born July 2015

"Experiencing child birth with Krista was beyond my expectations. Her positive energy & support made my birthing process soothing & relaxing. I wIll always be thankful."

Celeste, Baby born May 2015