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Lamaze Childbirth Education

Two Day Lamaze Childbirth Classes


Classes are in Warwick, NY and are $225 per couple.  More details regarding content below.

Wed. July 31 & Fri. August 1

5pm - 9pm

Sat. November 16 & Sun. Nov. 17

9am - 1 pm

Other dates and private classes may be available. 

Please contact if interested.

Weeknight Lamaze Childbirth Classes


Classes meet in Warwick, NY for 4 consecutive weeks.  Investment is $300 per couple.  More details regarding content can be found below.

Mondays June 10, 17, 24 & July 1.

Tuesdays Sept. 10, 17, 24 &  Oct. 1

6:30pm - pm

Other dates and private classes may be available. 

Please contact if interested.  


What's the Difference?

Great Question!  Both the two day and four day series cover labor and birth in depth.  In the four night series, we also have more time to explore postpartum life.  Experts join us and share their knowledge with us as we get to practice hands-on techniques for connecting with baby.  Still not sure?  Check out more details below or give me a call to discuss! 

Krista was an amazing Lamaze instructor. My husband and I learned so much from her classes and feel more prepared for our birthing experience. The techniques she uses to teach the concepts included a lot of hands on and visual learning which really helped us to remember the key takeaways. I really enjoyed the variety of activities. She is also just genuinely a caring person who made us feel very supported and heard. I highly recommend Krista for her Lamaze classes or as a doula. Thank you!! 

Jackie,baby born 2022

About Our Classes:  Our Lamaze childbirth education courses are evidence based, informational and fun!  However, these classes are so much more than breathing techniques!  The following are some of the topics covered:


  • Body/Hormonal changes in pregnancy and labor

  • How to identify labor has begun & its stages

  • Discuss benefits/risks of medications and routine procedures

  • Practice hands-on techniques for coping with contractions

  • Importance of continuous labor support

  • Partner tools and tips for supporting the birthing person during labor

  • Positions for labor and delivery

  • Know what to expect when having a hospital, birth center or home birth

  • Discuss state laws on newborn procedures 

  • Breastfeeding basics, newborn normalities, warning signs and more

  • Postpartum life

  • Birth Plan/Preferences development


Class Format: Weeknight class will be four consecutive weeks.  The fourth class will focus on breastfeeding, parenting & connection with experts  Melissa Reali (Concious Parenting expert) and Sam Scalpone (OT, infant massage therapist).  We offer a  series of four weeknight classes (6:30pm - 9pm) and a two-day weekend series (9:15am - 1pm or 2pm - 6pm).  In addition, all classes are limited to a total of five couples at maximum. 


Class Rates: Two day classes are $225 per couple (we highly encourage you to bring a partner!).  Four weeknight classes are $300 per couple as they will include additional topics on breastfeeding, parenting and conenction.   Save when you use our doula service, as well!  


Private Classes:  Prefer a private, one-on-one class at your home?  Or do you have a group of friends that would all like to take class together?  Private classes are available starting at an additional $200 per couple.  This fee may be waived depending on group size.


We felt so much more confident for labor and delivery thanks to Krista’s Lamaze classes, provided resources, and 1:1 talks we had with her. We felt seen, informed, and supported from day 1 to present day. My entire pregnancy Krista was just a call or text away from providing whatever support was needed. 

Emily,baby born 2022

Questions? I love to chat!
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