Lamaze Childbirth Education

Due to a family emergency, 2019 classes are cancelled. Please check back for 2020 dates. 

 Weekend Lamaze
Childbirth Classes


Classes are in Warwick, NY on Saturday& Sunday from 9am-1pm



Other dates and private classes

may be available.

Please contact if interested.

Weekday Night Lamaze
Childbirth Classes


Classes are in Warwick on 3 consecutive weekdays from 6:30pm-9pm

April 7, 14 & 21

June 10, 17 & 24

Other dates and private classes
may be available.

Please contact if interested.


About Our Classes:  Our Lamaze childbirth education courses are evidence based, informational and fun!  However, these classes are so much more than breathing techniques!  The following are some of the topics covered:


  • Body/Hormonal changes in pregnancy and labor

  • How to identify labor has begun & its stages

  • Discuss benefits/risks of medications and routine procedures

  • Practice hands-on techniques for coping with contractions

  • Importance of continuous labor support

  • Partner tools and tips for supporting Mama during labor

  • Positions for labor and delivery

  • Know what to expect when having a hospital, birth center or home birth

  • Discuss state laws on newborn procedures 

  • Breastfeeding basics, newborn normalities, warning signs and more

  • Postpartum life

  • Birth Plan/Preferences development


Class Format:  We offer a  series of three night classes (6:30pm - 9pm) and a two-day weekend series (9:15am - 1pm).  In addition, all classes are limited to a total of five couples at maximum.  Check out our class dates below or request dates that work best for you and your partner.


Class Rates: $185 per couple (we highly encourage you to bring a partner!).  Save when you use our doula service, as well!  


Private Classes:  Prefer a private, one-on-one class at your home?  Or do you have a group of friends that would all like to take class together?  Private classes are available for an additional $75 per couple.  This fee may be waived depending on group size.


Questions? Contact us.